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Automotive & Exhaust Services

Custom Exhaust

With over 25 years experience in exhaust fabrication, Jim can build just about anything. 


From duals, to stacks, to equipment exhaust, Jim has seen it all and has the tools to build  whatever you need.

Even the dealerships seek out the exhaust expertise of Service 1!!



Featuring state of the art equipment, Service 1 is able to provide alignments for vehicles ranging from passenger cars to transport trucks. 


Laser wheel sensors allow for the most precise and fastest alignment currently available, as well as supporting simultaneous 4 wheel adjustments.

On top of this, the updated computer system has the information required for just about any make and model of vehicle.   

Automotive Shop

Service 1 has two automotive hoists, 2 large truck hoists, and all the equipment necessary to serve you efficiently. 


With a licensed mechanic on staff services include everything to cover you from bumper to bumper including MTO safety certificates. 


And with a dedicated, knowledgable counter person, Service 1 is able to answer your questions quickly and  easily.